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Ready for a Bre8k?

Dedicated Travel Agent

Let us take the stress and hassle out of traveling. We will handle every intricate detail so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation adventure from beginning to end.

Convenient Payment Options

We make paying simple. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Can't afford to pay your vacation in full? Ask about our "Travel now, Pay later" financing option.

Looking to submit a Travel Inquiry?

Luxurious Extras

Enjoy all the upgrades you request plus more. As an agent, we often get additional perks and freebies that we can share with our clients to help make your vacation even more memorable. 

Take A Bre8k Travel would be honored to assist with your travel needs. Feel free to complete our Travel Inquiry Form below no more than 10 days before you are prepared to place your deposit. Your initial quote is FREE. However, all subsequent quotes or changes to your initial quote once it is completed will incur a $25 fee. Please be as honest and realistic as possible when completing the per person budget section. Remember vacations may range in cost anywhere from $500 per person upwards into the $1,000's, so please don't leave that field open when completing your form or else I'll book you a $40,000 vacation.... Just Kidding !!!

Need to Submit a Deposit or Payment?

Please complete the attached: 

Be sure to select the correct payment type and complete all required payment information in order for me to process your deposit/payment request. For initial bookings the form must be completed within 24hrs of your deposit due date or your booking will be canceled. Please feel free to call or text me with any questions you may have at 410-865-9500. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. & Thank you for considering TAB Travel for your travel needs !!!


NOTE*- Beginning the month following your initial deposit, each person is responsible for a $50 per month payment until the vacation is paid in full. Keep in mind it may be necessary to pay more than the $50 minimum payment as your reservation must be paid in full by your specified date.


Check out our travel pages on Facebook and Instagram for some of our current deals !!!

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